A New Chapter for LAWLOR

by John Lawlor

Happy New Year.

My longtime colleague and associate, Carole Arwidson, recently shared a memorable quote with me about life being like a book:


Some chapters are sad,

some are happy, and some are

exciting. But if you never turn

the page, you will never

know what the next 

chapter holds.


2019 is another chapter in my Book of Life, and I wanted to share with you some news about the newest chapter.

The Lawlor Group has had a series of exciting chapters during its nearly 32 years of existence. My relationships with colleagues, associates, and some incredible clients have played a key role in helping my firm turn numerous pages as the marketplace continually evolved during our decades of providing a variety of professional services to colleges, universities, secondary schools, educational associations, and other non-profits. No matter what, we were always able to provide a breadth of perspective and a depth of expertise that tapped into our overall market intelligence and was a catalyst for my firm to continually provide intelligent solutions to clients throughout the country.

Another new chapter in our living history has begun: The Lawlor Group (TLG) has evolved to Lawlor Advisory. While our intellectual capital will actually be strengthened with more breadth and depth, the overall organizational structure is now composed of “adjunct” associates to help me further enhance the delivery of customized advice and counsel in an edupreneurial spirit. I am very excited about this next chapter in my Book of Life and hope you will be a part of the continuing saga. Life is like a book. Let’s keep turning the pages together.