The Advantages of Whiteboard Animation Videos

Whiteboard animation videos utilize two powerful forms of persuasion: visual content and storytelling. During the past year, we’ve collaborated with several colleges and universities to produce award-winning whiteboard animations using a process that involves script writing, illustration, narration, and filming. The finished product offers several benefits:

Whiteboard Animations Help Explain

To see plus hear something explained improves understanding of it. When Walsh College needed to share how its new Master of Arts in Business degree differed from its MBA program, here’s what we produced.


Whiteboard Animations Can Delight

Part of the appeal of watching these videos is the anticipation and surprise of how something is depicted, which heightens engagement with the content. The College of Wooster wanted to showcase its integration of academic and career planning, so we used metaphors to convey why that matters.


Whiteboard Animations Aid Memory

Recall of the content is better when what is seen and heard converge to leave a lasting impression. For Concordia University, St. Paul’s video, the explanation aspect involved its outcomes statistics, but the key takeaway is that the college cares about transfer students.


In their best use, whiteboard animation videos are developed strategically to overcome a specific challenge. For example, when the state of New York announced that tuition at its public institutions would be free for families under a certain income level, the private Utica College needed to spread the message about its own affordability. Their video helped bring forward and clarify some complicated distinctions in a viewer-friendly way.


Whiteboard animations videos can also be shared on social media. While Facebook allows posting of videos up to 45 minutes long, Twitter limits their run time to 2:20 (140 seconds), and Instagram’s limit is 60 seconds. For that reason, we also produced a shorter cut of the Walsh whiteboard animation that ended with a prominent call to action.



Our whiteboard animation video work with all four of these institutions has gained recognition from the Education Digital Marketing Awards (EDMA), the Educational Advertising Awards (EAA), and the Collegiate Advertising Awards (CAA):

  • Walsh College with Gold from CAA and Merit from EDMA
  • The College of Wooster with Silver from both CAA and EDMA
  • Concordia University, St. Paul with Silver from EDMA
  • Utica College with Silver from EAA and Bronze from EDMA

Whiteboard animation videos can be a great tool for engaging audiences, improving understanding of an institution’s benefits, and planting lasting impressions. To find out how you might successfully deploy them, contact us for a quick brainstorming session.