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Pause to Prioritize

Happy Thanksgiving—or as Morning Brew recently noted in its Saturday edition, “Every year around this time, a certain Google search term spikes: Friendsgiving.” Oh, what a journey the past two […]

The Benefits of Curiosity

Curiosity still lingers among all of us. Definitely a continuing sign of the times for so many colleges and universities and yet, there are often moments of mental stagnation among […]

Resilience, Adaptation, and Change

The 2021 NACAC (National Association for College Admission Counseling) National Conference occurs this week in Seattle, and the theme for this year’s conference is so relevant to everyone working for […]

The Heat Is On

As all of us are experiencing unusually hot, dry weather, it is also a subtle reminder of how important it is now for colleges and universities to genuinely assess the […]

Assessing the Conundrum

A year ago, the theme for the April 2020 issue of Lawlor Focus was “Make a Calculated Pivot.” As we reminded members of the higher education community then, “Everyone associated […]

Greening of Higher Education

Spring is here! We have all sprung forward, and for so many working in the higher education sector there is an increasing sense of new opportunities despite the unending shortcomings […]