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Staying Positive

While contemplating this month’s Focus theme, much of last month’s content is still lingering. As we noted last month, no question these are trying times that so often diminish positive […]

A Thankful Moment

No question, these are trying times that so often diminish positive thinking for so many, but now is the time to engage in self-reflection, put things in perspective, and stay […]

Facilitating Change

No question, numerous changes have occurred for all colleges and universities over the past decades, but in many ways the process for dealing with changes and responding accordingly has not […]

Powering Your Persuasiveness

There are edupreneurial people working in higher education who, even during trying times for so many colleges and universities on multiple fronts, are continuing to stay positive about opportunities. In […]

Higher Ed Focusing Today

Last month in our May e-newsletter, we highlighted the need for college and university communities to be entrepreneurial — or as we stipulated for the higher education sector, edupreneurial. Ironically, […]


The month of May has always been a memorable moment in time. Several sources note that the month of May is “likely named after Maia, the goddess of growth.” No […]

Durable Evidence

We mentioned three years ago in our April Focus that “April showers will bring May flowers.” Unfortunately, today most of higher education is being “showered” with more obstacles that are […]

Positive Persistence

A year ago when we published the March issue of Lawlor Focus, we headlined it with a phrase that’s often used this time of year: It is the season for […]

Sustaining Resilience

The NACAC Conference 2022 begins this week, and the theme is Resilience. It is definitely a relevant theme today for the people working in student recruitment and college admission counseling. […]

Turbulent Times

It’s August and the beginning of another year of uncertainty — but for many, simply turbulent times. Christopher Connell, independent journalist and a former education writer for the Associated Press, […]