A New Tomorrow Awaits

2020 — a year to remember and one we will never forget.

In a bit of irony, the term 20/20 vision references normal vision acuity where clarity is clear and sharp, yet the symbolism of the year 2020 has not provided any of us with clarity but rather blurred confusion and uncertainty. These “blurred” moments in time have definitely tested everyone’s resilience and pushed so many individuals and organizations to think they are always facing an impending calamity.

Concern, consternation, burnout, and fatigue have been common descriptors associated with colleges and universities during the year of 2020, and yet all of these moments in time have been an opportunistic catalyst for fostering ingenuity and thinking differently. As our living history has always reminded us, today is not tomorrow, so we must always think ahead—and plan accordingly.

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A new tomorrow awaits all of us. Yes, our resilience is being tested, but these times represent an authentic motivation to demonstrate our ingenuity and capacity for innovative resilience.

The educational experience is genuinely evolving for so many students, parents/guardians, and institutions/organizations, so it is now imperative that higher education leadership and the campus communities prepare for tomorrow. It is not going to be easy, and there will be a myriad of challenges that continue to contribute to the lingering fatigue and moments of disillusionment that can easily arise, but in the spirit of the season, keep your faith and hope in the positive opportunities that will rise up in 2021.

The new tomorrow awaits, and you have the intellectual and emotional capital to make it happen. Happy New Year!!


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