Getting Around Higher Ed Industry Roadblocks

A national mood seems to be spreading, based on a unified observation that cuts across entrenched divides: The old ways aren’t taking us where we need to go.

For the private higher education industry, it’s clear to anyone who is paying attention that “doing what we’ve always done” is no longer sustainable. Bond rating agencies’ warnings about revenues, legislators’ warnings about price, the general public’s warnings about perceived value—they all are posting “detour ahead” signs.

This is why The Lawlor Group keeps stressing opportunity—not only for fresh thinking in exploring new paths, but also for actually taking a different route. The prevailing higher education culture has been so slow to enact change that institutions are in danger of deliberating themselves to death. Market intelligence is the navigational tool that administrators must acquire to inform decisions about where their institution should go. But then it has to move into gear and make the drive.


Demographic Demand

A new analysis weights population forecasts by the probability of college attendance so enrollment managers can better prepare. (Inside Higher Ed)

Stifling Progress

Brandon Busteed notes that college and university employees rank in the bottom 25th percentile on “learn and grow” measures. (Gallup)

Fresh Looks

The Lawlor Group’s recent collaborations with seven clients resulted in EMDA and CCA advertising awards. (Smarketplace)



Lawlor Recommends

College and university administrators need to get in a performance mode to address marketplace realities. To help catalyze new thinking that can lead to course correction, our own John Lawlor is collaborating with Kathy Dawley and Jim Day to bring back Summer Seminar in Minneapolis on June 14-15.

With a theme of “Market Insight, Strategic Direction, Value Enhancement,” this year’s Summer Seminar will allow enrollment management leaders and senior-level executives at private colleges and universities to proactively consider how to leverage market intelligence for institutional success. Registration is now open at