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Meeting Expectations for Return on the College Investment

With an improving labor market and wages finally climbing, expectations of successful job outcomes from earning a college degree are high.
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Achieving Brand Awareness in Higher Education

It's not easy to shine a brand beacon into the crowded marketplace for higher education—yet awareness breeds familiarity and favorability.

Private Higher Education Trends for 2016

As we do each January, we present trends in the higher education marketplace that are likely to affect enrollment and marketing efforts during the coming year.
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Looking Back, Planning Ahead

This season is often a time for not only reflecting on the past year’s challenges and successes, but also looking ahead.
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Leveraging Collaboration to Deliver Value in Higher Education

Continuously improving a college's value and finding ways to communicate its relevance must be a collaborative effort.
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Marketing Misalignment in Higher Education

Misalignment of aspirations and actualities can seize up the gears of a college’s marketing efforts.
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The Tuition Reset: Strategic Initiative or Marketing Ploy?

A reset of the published tuition price can flip the switch on both marketplace perceptions and the institution’s business model.

The Need to Think Differently for Higher Ed's Future

It will take “edupreneurial" thinking on the part of higher education leadership to unlock their institutions' potential to serve a changing marketplace.

Smart Investment in Higher Ed Outcomes

As higher education administrators invest in new programs, success will depend on their ability to align institutional resources with marketplace needs.

"Edupreneurial" Leadership for Private Colleges

Summer Seminar 2015 attendees gained strategic insights and learned techniques to proactively and innovatively lead their institutions in the midst of disruptive marketplace change.

What Do Admissions Deposits Portend for Yield?

Now is a time in the recruiting cycle when enrollment managers and senior leadership start wondering if the glass is half empty or half full.

The Power of Microsegmenting in Higher Education Recruitment

Pinpointing interested prospects is just half the battle. Fortunately, microsegmentation campaigns based on email analytics can engage students enough to prompt them into action.