Knowing What to DO

March Madness is in our midst—on the court and definitely off the court, particularly in college admissions. Current marketplace conditions are a catalyst for higher education leaders to think more about what to keep doing, what should have been done, and what needs to be done. No question, gathering relevant market intelligence to better inform intelligent solutions must be a priority—which is why this year’s Summer Seminar, June 10-11 in Minneapolis, is particularly important for senior leaders and enrollment professionals at private colleges and universities.

The theme for #SumSem19 is The Power of DO: Market Insights That Foster More DoingAnd as usual, the dynamic presenters are very much in the know and have great ideas about what could or should be done. We will be opening with a dose of marketplace reality (author/professor Nathan Grawe, Moody’s Susan Fitzgerald), then gathering more informed insights about the necessity to do and how some things have been done (EMA’s Keith Wright, MajorClarity’s Joe Belsterling), learning more about creative thinking to foster smarter doing (Prouty Project’s Peter Bailey and Kristin Jonasen), hearing very market-smart insights via an experienced marketing legend (Scott Bedbury), discovering even more insights about providing value-added career services and mentoring (MIT’s Susan Brennan, Gallup’s Stephanie Marken), and closing with some personal and professional insights to inspire more doing in a balanced manner (author/columnist Chris Farrell).

This conference has no disguised sales pitches or recycled presentations, nor is it a huge, impersonal gathering. This is an authentic, highly interactive opportunity to collaborate and ideate about the important concept of doing with an informed perspective. Register today to help alleviate some March madness that may be top-of-mind right now. Summer Seminar is filling fast and always sells out, so don’t delay!