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Looking Back, Planning Ahead

This season is often a time for reflecting on the past year’s challenges and successes, as well as an appropriate time to plan ahead.

As we’ve been pointing out all year, “edupreneurial” thinking is essential for facing the challenges of the higher education marketplace. With college-bound students and their families struggling to assess where they’ll get the best value for their educational investment, an institution’s enrollment success depends on marshaling innovative leadership and creative collaboration to signal the institution’s relevance, distinction, and value.

In an annual tradition, The Lawlor Group will forecast the top marketplace demands that will influence private higher education enrollment during the coming year, issuing our “Trends for 2016” in early January. Watch for a summary of them in next month’s Focus.


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E-Marketing Predictions

In developing content for our own “Trends for 2016” in higher education marketing, we came across these forecasts.

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Mapping Student Debt

A new interactive map allows comparison at the zip code level of average student loan balance, delinquency, and median income.

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Tuition Reset White Paper

Our white paper describes the work, results, and lessons of our collaboration with Concordia University, St. Paul for its 2013 tuition reset.

Lawlor Recommends

Finding market-relevant ways to commit to your institution’s core values is always the key to moving forward—and it’s the route to meaningful work. We salute you for your dedication to the cause of higher education and send you best wishes for new ideas and rewarding successes in 2016!