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Navigating Higher Education’s Future

As 2018 ends, it’s a natural time to reflect on the past year’s challenges and successes—as well as an appropriate time to plan ahead.

In an annual tradition, LAWLOR will publish our forecast of the top marketplace demands we expect will influence private higher education enrollment during the coming year, issuing our “Trends for 2019” in early January. Watch for a summary of them in next month’s Focus.

Meanwhile, we share some industry reports below that look back on lessons from the past year and look forward to what’s ahead in the new year.


Eduventures’ Year in Review

Five analysts reflect on what they learned in the past year regarding high school students, adult learners, and education technology. (Encoura)

EAB Top 10 for 2018

Among the past year’s most important narratives was how demographic shifts are threatening higher education’s business model. (EAB)

Hanover’s 2019 Expectations

This list cites “new, fast-changing, and complex” challenges for each aspect of the higher education enterprise. (Hanover Research)



Lawlor Recommends

If there’s one topic we’ve discussed most frequently this year, it’s the need to marshal “edupreneurial” leadership, creative collaboration, informed discernment, and innovative thinking in your efforts to signal your institution’s relevance, distinction, and value. With college-bound students and their families becoming more adept at assessing where they’ll get the best value for their educational investment, your clear path forward is finding market-relevant ways to communicate your institution’s worth. And gathering market intelligence to inform intelligent solutions is a market-smart means of increasing the likelihood of future success.

We salute you for your dedication to the cause of higher education and send you best wishes for new ideas and rewarding successes in 2019!