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Pause to Prioritize

Happy Thanksgiving—or as Morning Brew recently noted in its Saturday edition, “Every year around this time, a certain Google search term spikes: Friendsgiving.”

Oh, what a journey the past two years have been for all of us as we constantly juggle multiple variables that are influencing our lives especially as we approach Thanksgiving.

Our November 2019 issue of Focus noted that “the spirit of Thanksgiving is often about the delectable servings that bring us together to celebrate. Unfortunately, the lingering ‘food for thought’ that is preoccupying the hearts and minds of so many people working today in the higher education sector is creating more consternation rather than satisfaction. Yes, higher education marketplace conditions continue to be a challenge—but they serve as a catalyst for looking for new opportunities and innovative solutions.”

And that did happen for so many individuals and organizations, but the lingering consternation continued and as we noted in our November 2020 issue of Focus, “Uncertainty—along with the constant testing of our mind, body, and spirit—is fostering epic moments of self-reflection about today and tomorrow. Individuals and especially higher education organizations are in a suspended animation due to so much unpredictability, shortfalls, and other seismic shifts that are definitely a catalyst for cascading effects.”

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No matter what, now is the time when we should gather together with friends and family. And as we have shared with you before, we must pause and give thanks about positive moments that have happened, are happening, and most likely, will happen again. Nearly two years of “speed bumps” in our lives has also facilitated a new mindset about the balance people want in their lives. Time with family and friends is a growing priority during these challenging times and will help facilitate a more satisfying life experience at work. In the meantime, enjoy your holiday time with family and friends this Thanksgiving and/or Friendsgiving.


College Prestige

Jeff Selingo says Carnegie classification updates set off a jockeying for prestige that impedes innovation because colleges copy one another. (Source: LinkedIn)

Discount Rate

W. Kent Barnds reflects on ability to pay and also notes, “Willingness to pay is a big deal and is something that a college can’t just ignore.” (Source: LinkedIn)

Enrollment Declines

Fall 2021 undergraduate numbers continue to trend downward across all sectors, dropping 3.5% from last fall and 7.8% from Fall 2019. (Source: Clearinghouse)