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A Salute to Edupreneurial Thinking

College and university leaders need to be “edupreneurs” and think innovatively about how to address today’s higher education marketplace realities in relevant and distinctive ways, The Lawlor Group often notes. So as 2017 comes to a close, we’re pleased to showcase a few examples of our clients’ edupreneurial thinking during the past year.

Devising a Tool for Key Influencers

We partnered with The College of Wooster to develop a poster that’s doing double duty as a promotion for the International Baccalaureate diploma and as an awareness booster for the college. Wooster mailed “3 Ways Your IB Diploma Will Impress Top Colleges” to IB program advisors throughout the nation for display in their offices, and the IB Organization featured the poster in its monthly e-newsletter to IB counselors.

Rapidly Responding via Multiple Channels

When the state of New York announced its free tuition scholarship for its public institutions, the private Utica College sprang into action. We helped Utica develop talking points, messaging to prospective students and parents, social media posts, a fact sheet, and (most notably) a whiteboard animation video that pointed out the state program’s caveats and highlighted Utica’s own affordability and value proposition as a contrast.

Using Concept Testing to Inform Editorial & Design Direction

After developing preliminary creative concepts for Washington & Lee University’s new recruitment package, we conducted an online bulletin board with prospective college-bound juniors. Participants were able to share their reactions to different designs, taglines, images, and icons, as well as their preference for seeing the full name vs. the W&L acronym. The gathered intelligence was used to make creative decisions in the development of various publications in the new package.


Whiteboard Animation Video

Watch how four of our clients used this creative medium to explain, engage, and plant lasting impressions. (Smarketplace)

Tuition Resets 101 

John Lawlor outlined the basics after Birmingham-Southern became our fourth client to launch a tuition reset. (PUPN Magazine)

Award-Winning Projects

Congratulations to our clients whose advertising and digital marketing campaigns won national awards this year. (Smarketplace)


Lawlor Recommends

This year, The Lawlor Group celebrated our 30th anniversary of serving colleges, universities, schools, and education associations. The marketplace has evolved constantly during the past three decades, so we credit our longevity and continued success to our thinking differently in collaboration with our clients. Our goal, as always, is to help them create distinction, enhance value, and achieve results by providing market intelligence that leads to intelligent solutions.

We look forward to a new year of #MarketSmart activity, starting with the launch of our “Trends for 2018” publication in January. We’re also excited to co-sponsor the return of Summer Seminar, which will take place June 14 & 15 in Minneapolis. And most of all, we are energized to continue partnering with edupreneurial professionals in a field we are passionate about.