Time to Evolve Our Leadership Behavior

Thomas Koulopoulos recently wrote in Inc. magazine about the single most important trend in 2015: behavior. He notes that with so much marketplace disruption and the necessity for innovation, the key variable impacting positive change is the evolution of behavior. Success is contingent upon how well organizations and individual leaders respond to the challenges of the marketplace. He also notes that those organizations that are nimble and responsive to the realities of the marketplace are in an even better position to achieve success. We believe his observations are particularly relevant to the private higher education sector, which is why we have advocated for many years that colleges and universities must engage in edupreneurial behavior.

In many campus communities, this type of thinking and behavior is very uncomfortable for those in senior leadership. However, the reality of what students and families are able and/or willing to invest in higher education has reached a point of resistance. And most veteran enrollment management and college admission officers will tell you that the resistance to selection, let alone consideration, is causing an enormous amount of consternation. We are in the midst of an economic “perfect storm” as families grapple with assessing the best higher education value investment and balancing costs, savings, debt, retirement, or simply the cost of living. Even the Lone Ranger would sing a different tune today and acknowledge that the “thrilling days of yesteryear” are no longer. Now is the time for evolutionary behavior. It is time for edupreneurism.