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The May Day “Mayday”

Even among colleges and universities that traditionally do not fill their class by May 1, it’s still a milestone date for assessing what can seem like a bleak outlook.
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A Transformative Time for Higher Education

Marketplace realities are pressuring colleges and universities to move beyond incremental adjustments and instead make operational transformations.

Getting Around Higher Ed Industry Roadblocks

Most private colleges and universities need to explore different paths now so they can detour around the marketplace roadblocks they’re approaching.
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A Salute to Edupreneurial Thinking

As 2017 comes to a close, we’re pleased to showcase a few examples of our clients’ innovative thinking during the past year.
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Private College Trustees Favor Business Model Change

Most trustees of private colleges and universities believe the business model needs to change if an institution wants to hang on to its market share.
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Balancing Acts in the Higher Ed Marketplace

The players on each side of the higher education marketplace are trying to balance their risks and rewards.

Tuition Resets: When and Why They Work

Because a tuition reset has to be much more than just a promotional tactic, any college considering one must already be doing three things.
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Insights Spanning 30 Years of Market Intelligence

An eduprenuerial spirit propels The Lawlor Group in delivering insightful analysis of evolving market conditions and thought leadership for intelligent marketing solutions.
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Survey Results: Paths to a Private College Presidency

Private colleges presidents are more likely to come from outside of higher education than public college presidents, as two surveys seem to indicate.
John Cleese at University of St. Thomas

What Higher Education Can Learn from Monty Python

Actor and writer John Cleese, speaking at the University of St. Thomas, offered valuable insights for facilitating creativity (and being “edupreneurial," as we like to say).

Jennifer Delahunty on "Twinning"

Higher education enrollment veteran Jennifer Delahunty conducts a thought experiment envisioning “economy” versions of today’s luxury college brands.