The Value of Integrated Guidance in Higher Education

To counter Americans’ waning trust in higher ed, a college must deliver integrated guidance from the start of the admissions process through to graduation.
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The May Day “Mayday”

Even among colleges and universities that traditionally do not fill their class by May 1, it’s still a milestone date for assessing what can seem like a bleak outlook.
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Affordability Concerns Reshape Private Colleges’ Competitive Landscape

Welcoming transfer students who begin their college journey at a two-year institution is a must for four-year private institutions, as community colleges gain in perceived value.

Higher Education’s Gift That Keeps Giving

Prospective students and their families search not only for the best college experience they can afford, but also for what it continues to give them as graduates.
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Early Results of FAFSA’s Calendar Shift

Who are the early filers of the FAFSA? Are they also the Early Decision/Action applicants? Are students and families viewing these early processes like a gold rush?

Taking E-mail Campaigns to the Next Level

We’ve been able to consistently outperform industry open and click rates with our e-mail campaigns. Here's how.
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Communicating Value to Enhance Admissions Yield

Value discussions supported with compelling evidence are a catalyst for persuading admitted students and their families to say “Yes” this month and enroll this fall.
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Dan Lundquist on Recruitment Synergy

Higher education thought leader Dan Lundquist argues for finding ways to optimize internal intelligence and collaboration to achieve multiple goals.
Jon Boeckenstedt on Prior-Prior Year (PPY) FAFSA

FAFSA Changes, PPY, and Their Impact on Private Colleges

With the prior-prior year (PPY) change to the FAFSA, private colleges will likely race those in their competitor set to provide admitted students with a reliable estimate of their financial aid award.

What Do Admissions Deposits Portend for Yield?

Now is a time in the recruiting cycle when enrollment managers and senior leadership start wondering if the glass is half empty or half full.

The Power of Microsegmenting in Higher Education Recruitment

Pinpointing interested prospects is just half the battle. Fortunately, microsegmentation campaigns based on email analytics can engage students enough to prompt them into action.

International Recruitment: Today’s Issues and Opportunities

To explore the role international recruitment plays in college admissions today, we sought the insight of seasoned recruiters as well as college counselors from around the globe.