How to Demonstrate College Value

This month’s CASE Currents article, “Show Your Worth,” is chock-full of advice about how colleges can demonstrate their value.

Debra Humphreys on Quality

Debra Humphreys is vice president for policy and public engagement at the Association of American Colleges and Universities (AAC&U), where she helps colleges and universities communicate the value of an engaged liberal education to prepare for the changing global economy.

Fiscal Consternation Is a Catalyst for Frugal Innovation

Concern about the sustainability of the existing higher education financial model is particularly acute when it comes to non-elite private institutions.

Private Higher Education Trends for 2015

As we do each January, we present trends in the higher education marketplace that are likely to affect enrollment efforts during the coming year.

Survey Results: Insights About Higher Education Marketplace Trends

What’s on the horizon in the higher education marketplace? We asked your opinion, and here’s what you said.

The Two Most Important Lists for a College to Appear On

Hint: It’s not U.S. News & World Report or Forbes. And it’s not LinkedIn, Niche, or anything else online.

Finding the Right Fit Isn’t Just for Students in Higher Ed

It’s a new budget year for many institutions, a cue for senior administrators to move forward with market-savvy solutions for sustainable success. Such solutions will need to be the right fit for the institution in many respects.

A Balancing Act for Small Private Colleges: Prestige and Affordability

To convey prestige while remaining affordable, focus on results—because that’s what today’s marketplace values.

Iconoculture’s Elfering on the Minds of Today’s Students

Katie Elfering, senior director and consumer strategist for Millennials, Media/Entertainment/Technology, and E-Retail at Iconoculture, presented at Summer Seminar 2014.

National Benchmarks for Assessing Higher Education Value

Consumers in the higher education marketplace have become more prudent about investigating the return on investment they will get from a college degree. But unfortunately, recent college graduates are finding “a yawning gulf between new grad job expectations and reality” upon graduation.

Seven Steps Toward More Effective Financial Aid Websites

Institutions’ financial aid websites have become a key touchpoint during the recruiting process. We examine some best practices among them.

What Matters in Higher Ed Marketing? It Helps to Ask

Institution-specific research is much more actionable than secondary research in informing strategic decision-making about the educational experiences (products) a college offers, as well as how to position its offerings when marketing them.