Liz Gross on Social Listening

Liz Gross is the market insights manager at the loan servicing affiliate of Great Lakes Higher Education Corporation. Advocating for colleges…

Brandon Busteed on Outcomes

Brandon Busteed is executive director for education and workforce development at Gallup. He was a speaker at our Summer Seminar events in 2014,…
Corey Seemiller

Corey Seemiller on Gen Z

Typical characteristics and motivators of members of Generation Z (those born between 1995 and 2010) were revealed by Dr. Corey Seemiller, co-author…

Susan Shullaw on Alumni Engagement

Higher education strategic communications expert Susan Shullaw looks at what the business concept of the value chain could mean for alumni engagement.

Jennifer Delahunty on "Twinning"

Higher education enrollment veteran Jennifer Delahunty conducts a thought experiment envisioning “economy” versions of today’s luxury college brands.
Jon McGee

Jon McGee on Value

Higher education thought leader Jon McGee argues for showing families that the best college value comes from career preparation plus transformational development.
Photo of Dan Lundquist

Dan Lundquist on Recruitment Synergy

Higher education thought leader Dan Lundquist argues for finding ways to optimize internal intelligence and collaboration to achieve multiple goals.

Debra Humphreys on Quality

Debra Humphreys is vice president for policy and public engagement at the Association of American Colleges and Universities (AAC&U), where she helps colleges and universities communicate the value of an engaged liberal education to prepare for the changing global economy.
Kevin Carey

Kevin Carey on Innovation

Kevin Carey is the director of the education policy program at New America Foundation, where his research topics include higher education reform, improving college graduation rates, and online education.
Andy Chan

Andy Chan on Outcomes

Andy Chan, vice president for personal and career development at Wake Forest University, presented at Summer Seminar 2014.
Eva Bogaty

Eva Bogaty on Economics

Eva Bogaty, vice president–senior analyst on Moody’s Higher Education and Not-of-Profit Team, presented at Summer Seminar 2014.
Michelle Weise

Michelle Weise on Disruptive Innovation

Dr. Michelle R. Weise is a senior research fellow at the Clayton Christensen Institute for Disruptive Innovation, where she specializes in the higher education sector.