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Higher Ed Ingenuity: Delivering Treats Without Tricks

As they adjust to increased competition within the industry, higher education institutions will need to successfully operationalize new ideas to ensure the benefits to students are authentic.
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4 Higher Ed Paradigm Shifts (and What It Takes to Deal with Them)

Marketplace intelligence delivered at Summer Seminar revealed why “business as usual” won’t suffice for private institutions today.

Jennifer Delahunty on "Twinning"

Higher education enrollment veteran Jennifer Delahunty conducts a thought experiment envisioning “economy” versions of today’s luxury college brands.

The Need to Think Differently for Higher Ed's Future

It will take “edupreneurial" thinking on the part of higher education leadership to unlock their institutions' potential to serve a changing marketplace.

Fiscal Consternation Is a Catalyst for Frugal Innovation

Concern about the sustainability of the existing higher education financial model is particularly acute when it comes to non-elite private institutions.

Christensen Institute’s Weise on What Disruptive Innovation Means for the Future of Higher Education

Michelle Weise, senior research fellow for higher education at the Clayton Christensen Institute, presented at Summer Seminar 2014.
Michelle Weise

Michelle Weise on Disruptive Innovation

Dr. Michelle R. Weise is a senior research fellow at the Clayton Christensen Institute for Disruptive Innovation, where she specializes in the higher education sector.

Private Higher Education Trends for 2014

As we do each January, The Lawlor Group offers this summary of trends in the higher education marketplace that we predict will have a significant impact on student recruitment and enrollment efforts during the coming year.

Interview with Richard Demillo: Defining Institutional Value in the Face of Disruption

Richard A. DeMillo was Hewlett-Packard’s first chief technology officer before becoming Distinguished Professor of Computing at the Georgia Institute of Technology.