Market-Smart Thinking for Moments of Trepidation

The business of higher education is creating lots of consternation and uncertainty for everyone on college and university campuses, and particularly enrollment professionals.

Competition for College Students Intensifies

Several market forces are converging to pressure the student recruitment efforts of colleges and universities, resulting in increased competition for enrollment.

Prestigious Pricing and Marketplace Atrophy

If colleges, universities, and leadership choose to be blindsided by the prevalence of prestigious assessment, then enrollment and revenues will atrophy.
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10 Takeaways from Summer Seminar 2019

The theme of this year’s Summer Seminar, “The Power of DO: Market Insights That Foster More Doing,” focused on informing action and inspiring it.

Higher Education’s Price Creates Real Consternation

Published tuition prices already keep many people away, but many more students and families are even balking at the discounted net price. The consternation is contagious.
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When May 1 Is More Like April 1

During the countdown to May 1, factor in how May Day resembles April Fool’s Day to students who are just kidding about their deposit or think the deadline is a joke.

Keep Moving Forward Through the Ups and Downs

Life is like a book—and so are work experiences. We all encounter various chapters, some short and long, some good and bad.

That Was Then, This Is Now

A theme of the sidebar conversations at NACAC was growing frustration with the lack of empathetic understanding about all that enrollment management face in their efforts to recruit students.
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4 Higher Ed Paradigm Shifts (and What It Takes to Deal with Them)

Marketplace intelligence delivered at Summer Seminar revealed why “business as usual” won’t suffice for private institutions today.

Trends for 2018

The demographic, economic, and technological trends in the higher education marketplace are requiring senior administrators at private colleges and universities to ask themselves five primary questions.

Private Higher Ed Trends for 2018

Demographic, economic, and technological trends are requiring private colleges and universities to answer five questions.

Tuition Resets: What to Know

Not every college is positioned to make the “tuition reset” pricing strategy a success, but those that are share several characteristics.