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Higher Ed Ingenuity: Delivering Treats Without Tricks

As they adjust to increased competition within the industry, higher education institutions will need to successfully operationalize new ideas to ensure the benefits to students are authentic.

“What Now?” Colleges and Universities Ask

The top-of-mind prompt “What now?” can facilitate edupreneurial ideas and solutions for creating differentiation and providing genuine value-added experiences.

Marketing's Role in Continuous Improvement for Higher Ed

For colleges and universities that are engaged in innovation, three marketing functions can reinforce continuous improvement.
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10 Takeaways from Summer Seminar 2019

The theme of this year’s Summer Seminar, “The Power of DO: Market Insights That Foster More Doing,” focused on informing action and inspiring it.
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Doing Makes the Difference in Higher Education

The contemplative culture at colleges and universities often makes them reluctant to flip the switch from innovative thinking to actual doing.
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Navigating Higher Education’s Future

’Tis the season not only for reflecting on the past year’s challenges and successes, but also for planning ahead.

Determining the “Can” and the “Should” of Higher Ed Initiatives

Just because a plan is feasible doesn’t necessarily mean it’s advisable. Colleges and universities must answer not only “Can we do it?” but also “Should we do it?”

Windows of Opportunity for Doing

Colleges and universities that actively create campus cultures of discussing, discerning, and doing will have a greater likelihood of thriving.
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4 Higher Ed Paradigm Shifts (and What It Takes to Deal with Them)

Marketplace intelligence delivered at Summer Seminar revealed why “business as usual” won’t suffice for private institutions today.
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The May Day “Mayday”

Even among colleges and universities that traditionally do not fill their class by May 1, it’s still a milestone date for assessing what can seem like a bleak outlook.
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A Transformative Time for Higher Education

Marketplace realities are pressuring colleges and universities to move beyond incremental adjustments and instead make operational transformations.

Getting Around Higher Ed Industry Roadblocks

Most private colleges and universities need to explore different paths now so they can detour around the marketplace roadblocks they’re approaching.