An illustration of three people standing on a scale being balanced by money

Transparency in Higher Education

As families weigh the value propositions of various colleges and universities, those institutions have a responsibility to be forthcoming about real cost, quality, and outcomes.

A Look Inside the College Scorecard's Data

An annotated guide to the data that the U.S. Department of Education draws upon for its College Scorecard and the caveats that should be known about it.

The Two Most Important Lists for a College to Appear On

Hint: It’s not U.S. News & World Report or Forbes. And it’s not LinkedIn, Niche, or anything else online.

Masks Are Only for Halloween

While the Halloween season is a wonderful celebration of fantasy, masks, and disguises, today’s higher education marketplace craves realism, authenticity, and transparency on the part of colleges and universities.

Seven Steps Toward More Effective Financial Aid Websites

Institutions’ financial aid websites have become a key touchpoint during the recruiting process. We examine some best practices among them.

Private Higher Education Trends for 2014

As we do each January, The Lawlor Group offers this summary of trends in the higher education marketplace that we predict will have a significant impact on student recruitment and enrollment efforts during the coming year.

The Net Price Calculator Mandate: A Tough Act to Follow

Will the soon-to-be-enforced mandate that colleges and universities host a net price calculator on their websites bring transparency to the issue of cost?