Competition for College Students Intensifies

Several market forces are converging to pressure the student recruitment efforts of colleges and universities, resulting in increased competition for enrollment.

“What Now?” Colleges and Universities Ask

The top-of-mind prompt “What now?” can facilitate edupreneurial ideas and solutions for creating differentiation and providing genuine value-added experiences.

Marketing's Role in Continuous Improvement for Higher Ed

For colleges and universities that are engaged in innovation, three marketing functions can reinforce continuous improvement.
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10 Takeaways from Summer Seminar 2019

The theme of this year’s Summer Seminar, “The Power of DO: Market Insights That Foster More Doing,” focused on informing action and inspiring it.

Higher Education’s Price Creates Real Consternation

Published tuition prices already keep many people away, but many more students and families are even balking at the discounted net price. The consternation is contagious.
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When May 1 Is More Like April 1

During the countdown to May 1, factor in how May Day resembles April Fool’s Day to students who are just kidding about their deposit or think the deadline is a joke.
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The Value Proposition’s Double Meaning

Naming the specific values that it has committed to uphold can help a college or university signal to prospective students how welcoming it truly is.
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Doing Makes the Difference in Higher Education

The contemplative culture at colleges and universities often makes them reluctant to flip the switch from innovative thinking to actual doing.

Three Things the Marketplace Is Telling Private Higher Education

Our “Trends for 2019” examines three attitudes of prospective students that point independent colleges and universities toward how they should express their value.
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Navigating Higher Education’s Future

’Tis the season not only for reflecting on the past year’s challenges and successes, but also for planning ahead.

Determining the “Can” and the “Should” of Higher Ed Initiatives

Just because a plan is feasible doesn’t necessarily mean it’s advisable. Colleges and universities must answer not only “Can we do it?” but also “Should we do it?”

The Value of Integrated Guidance in Higher Education

To counter Americans’ waning trust in higher ed, a college must deliver integrated guidance from the start of the admissions process through to graduation.