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March Madness

As we all know, it’s March Madness season for men’s and women’s basketball. Throw in other winter sports competition along with state high school tournaments and this time of year has a heavy focus on athletics. Yet today, March Madness has become a symbolic metaphor on many other fronts as the war in Ukraine continues, interest rates go up, gas and travel prices are increasing, questions abound about the potential resurgence of health constraints (physically and mentally), and uncertainty about the economy persists — reinforcing for so many people a continuing mood of March Madness.

And of course, the yield season for colleges and universities soon begins. Many schools have large numbers of accepted applicants and are expecting positive yields in the months ahead. In light of the “March Madness” circumstances on so many other fronts, a few colleges and universities have lingering consternation. Others don’t have as many accepted applicants and will be working through the summer to help alleviate the uncertainty that remains on so many college campuses. No question, March Madness has a broader scope in 2022.

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Fortunately, the past two years have been a catalyst for so many colleges and universities to think and do differently. The result isn’t always perfect, but so many more higher education leaders have facilitated a more proactive response to the reality of the marketplace. Innovative solutions along with responsive initiatives that further enhance the experience and the value of a college degree are fostering an increased interest in considering and selecting a college or university. And as we have noted many times before, it is so important for students and families to have an authentic understanding of the net price versus the published price along with the generous financial assistance that so many colleges and universities provide to most students. Finally, March Madness is a reminder to so many prospective students about how they want to rejuvenate human interaction and be a part of a supportive community. Hopefully, now is the time for colleges and universities to really spring forward and we will see a resurgence of many winning performances.