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Higher Ed Focusing Today

Last month in our May e-newsletter, we highlighted the need for college and university communities to be entrepreneurial — or as we stipulated for the higher education sector, edupreneurial. Ironically, the spirit of edupreneurism is an enigma for many members of the higher ed community, which is an absolute catalyst for reinforcing the need for college leaders today to enhance their focus on the future.

The word F-O-C-U-S is an acronym for so much of what colleges and universities must do today:

F: Focus on ideas that reinforce who your college is and why it is so relevant today — and that further enhance the value of attending your college.

O: Seek new opportunities that will bring your new “focused” ideas to life and further enhance the value of investing in your institution.

C: Collaborate with others to learn more about authentic problems and solutions — and be an active listener.

U: Unify as a group to pursue the focused opportunities.

S: Share the news and spread the word about your new, viable solutions in an informed manner that demonstrates to prospective students and others that your college or university is not only distinctive but is a very relevant value and opportunity.

Lawlor Recommends

Gary Burnison, CEO of Korn Ferry, recently published an article about the importance of “opening the door” to others. He noted, “When someone has an idea … we listen. If someone around us wants to try something new … we encourage. When our colleagues want to collaborate … we welcome. When accomplishments are achieved … we celebrate. And when someone deserves recognition … we are the voice.”

The spirit of edupreneurism is a necessity today. It is an authentic catalyst for facilitating new ideas and solutions that will improve your institution’s success. And most importantly, don’t hesitate to listen to others. They definitely will have viable solutions that will lead to sustainability in this challenging marketplace.