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Powering Your Persuasiveness

There are edupreneurial people working in higher education who, even during trying times for so many colleges and universities on multiple fronts, are continuing to stay positive about opportunities. In this context of thinking differently about how to succeed, the theme of the NACAC National Conference happening this week is very relevant: The Power of Us.

Ironically, the persuasive power of the collective community at a college or university is still very dependent on the enrollment management team and other key individuals being able to skillfully listen and respond during their contacts with prospective students and families. This is why the Lawlor Advisory Education Marketers Workshop is not only popular but has helped rekindle “the power of us” by helping teams learn how best to persuade prospective students and families (and counselors, coaches, teachers) about the inherent value of enrolling at their college or university.

Several of our clients have recently implemented the Education Marketers Workshop, which is highly participatory and fosters active collaboration.

Chris George, Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management and Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid at St. Olaf College, shared this with us: “The workshop is a wonderful opportunity to learn and discuss professionalism in our enrollment work. It prepares staff to be intentional with their interactions with fellow students and colleagues. A thoughtful personal note or standing to introduce yourself in a room can have an outsized impact on those that you interact with.”

Steve Lake, vice president for enrollment at Harding University, had this to say: “For us, it was just affirmation we were on the right track. The workshop was beneficial and in line with what we have been focusing on since I took over in December of 2020. I do believe there are a lot of Admissions teams that would benefit from Lawlor services.”

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It does take “the power of us” throughout the campus community to authentically convey an institution’s brand identity, core values, and the distinctive features and benefits. That starts with knowing and practicing the skills to inquire, listen, respond, and convince prospective students and their families about why your institution is a worthwhile investment. And it is not only about prospective students; current students and their families are often a touch skeptical about the value of their investment, too, so the “power of us” is very important among all the members of the campus community. No matter what, best wishes to everyone to have a great recruitment year!